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Road Bike Training Course

Vélo Maroc organizes regular training courses to prepare you for competitions or just to help you progress in the practice of cycling. These take place in a beautiful setting and allow you to enjoy the benefits of Morocco: an exceptional climate, roads of good quality and uncrowded, beautiful landscapes.
Your road bike and mountain bike course in Morocco will be an unforgettable moment that will allow you to combine technical cycling and discover a beautiful country, all just 3 hours from Europe.

Prepare for a cycling competition or improve your cycling practice

The courses organized by Vélo Maroc make it possible to prepare various cycling competitions such as Marmotte or Granfondo. You will be able to improve your time and your ranking during the races organized by the French Cycling Federation (FFC) and the French Cycling Federation (FFCT).

A bike and mountain bike course organized by Vélo Maroc is also an excellent opportunity to refine your cycling techniques. In some cases we can do a postural assessment. It will allow you to optimize your position on the bike and thus improve your performance. It will also bring you greater comfort in the practice of cycling.
In improving your posture and technique, you can decrease muscle tightness, avoid spasms, and minimize soreness.

An training course supervised by a serious, dynamic and passionate team

Trust Jean-Paul and his team to boost your performance during a mountain bike course in Morocco. You will be supervised by cycling enthusiasts who have many years of practice. They will use all their expertise to help you improve your posture and your abilities.

Morocco is the ideal setting for this kind of training. It offers a certain change of scenery that allows you to work in a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You’ll get the results you want and in a way that’s excititing and enjoyable.
Indeed, the mind greatly influences the success of a training regimen and the assimilation of techniques.

The locations chosen by the team of Vélo Maroc and the roads on which you will ride have been specially selected to allow preparation or improvement in ideal conditions.